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 San Sebastian is the city with more Michelin stars in Europe. It was a city where the european monarchies and  illustrious persons used to go for summer. Here Queen Maria Cristina, Victoria Eugenia, Alfonso XIII. ..and important characters like the spy Mata Hari  and celebrities such as Ava Gardner, Audrey Hepburn, Vittorio Gasman, Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston, Alfred Hitchcok……etc actors  of Hollywood of yesterday and now , this year at the 64 edition of the San Sebastian festival  we have seen actos such as Sigourney Weaver, Ethan Hawke,  Ewan Mc Gregor,  love to come to the cine festival. It is a city that has the world’s most beautiful urban beach you have ever seen. San Sebastian its formed by  a bay with a crescent shape, it has the city in the middle and at both sides has beaches and all of it is  surrounded by mountains. In the middle of the bay you have the island Santa Clara and across the city nineteenth-century buildings, with a French type style. As I once heard from a  french guy: ´´San Sebastian is Paris with sea´´ … is definitely the city that leaves no one indifferent because its really  beautiful  and specially for its huge and varied cuisine, cooking.

Chosen the european capital of culture this year so hurray.

Now you do  have an excuse to visit it. This year San Sebastian is named the cultural city of Europe 2016. Here a lot is going on, the famous  cinema festival of  San Sebastian, one of the best  Jazz Festivals in Europe in August and the  Semana Grande  which is usually in mid-August, a week where theres  all kinds of activities, parties, fireworks competition, held and is full to the brim .. … For me in September is definitely the best time to go to this city, the sun is still there and the beaches are naked that’s when you really appreciate its beauty. Few tourists.

Here goes the list of pinchos!!!!!! (pintxos)

A view after much research and many summers in San Sebastian and good friends here I step what you are eager for.  Sites I’ve discovered myself and recommendations ñoñostiarras friends who are like me and are from Donosti love to go.

P_optPlaces to eat in San Sebastian from me to you with loooove

  •  Gandarias: It’s a classic that never disappoints, as good classics does. Their speciality is the Sirloin is made with foie, two skewers, insured for anyone who enjoys eating. The Zeruko, also fantastic in the same street at street August 31 st.
    * Astelena: : In the Plaza de la Constitución. Good product and great presentation of pintxos.
    * La cuchara de San Telmo: A very little space but as they say small ,pintxos rico rico rico(yummy, yummy, yummy) theres a looong queue ( also at the street  31 de Agosto),
  • Bar Nestor: Here you have  to reserve to taste the best omelette of patatas in town. Here you have to book beforehand for the spectacular rations of omelettes that are  juicy and a lot of flavour, just thinking I drop the stifle. There are two timetables ….you must book within time for this priceless omelette at 13:00 and at 20: 00h !! Where: C/ Pescadería nº11
  • Casa Vergara: Here they are 3   pinchos that you can not  miss at all. Specialities are the: 
  • El Incomprendido: Pincho of stuffed eggplant  with foie




* Narru: It´s a restaurant which offers a traditional cuisine with really high quality and the price is low, its really affordable you can really eat really well for 20 e or 25 e its not that expensive, the contrary. Has beautiful views from the beach La Concha and the island St Clara

  • * Alex: Pintxos delicious like the rissotto o the foie in the calle Larramendi.
  • * Rojo y Negro:  Open at 12: 00 they serve until  23:30, so good to know if you are hungry  still or you didnt ahve time to dine something. The pintxos are excellent with a turing point of modernism. The deco is cool and is always full and a lot of people, nice to have a good time eating at the  calle San Marcial

          *La Espiga: A  bar of pinxos and meats such as cochinillo (suckling pig meat) and entrecot,  excelents  really good, one fo the bests in my humble opinion.   You have a  of pinchos and has also a restaurant for plates . Todo de  calidad muy buena  a buen precio. I recommed you the  pimientos rellenos y las anchoas a manera de Guetaria mmmmmm.Near the hotel  Londres and the  bay  la Concha at San Marcial, 48

As ñoñosstiarra que me acuño, quiero añadir un par de cosas:



Barrio de Gros (The neighborhood Where you can find the Kursaal, Zurriola beach)

* The Bergara: Classic Bar, with delicious pintxos and better care corner. Some of the best artists who have passed through the Film Festival have repeated every year at the bar.
Where the street  Bermingham corner with street / General Artetxe. Moreover, this area will see pintxos bars with just locals, tourists few.

Hotel Mª Cristina Is one of  the most beautiful hotels in Europe. Did you know that it was the french architect Charles Mewes, who design and made the  Ritz hotels in Paris and Madrid, who took over the design of this hotel. Its really beautiful inside and out. Do as Betta Davis used to do an go to the Dry Martina  , es un hotel precioso y el Theatre Victoria Eugenia, desayunos ricos ricos, y un lugar con mucho encanto para tomar algo a cualquier hora del día.

  • Going out:  PARTY TIME BABY

The Dabadaba The but already is one of the places to go lleva poco tiempo pero ya se ha convertido en uno de los mejores sitios de Sanse para salir, sitio alternativillo. Lleno de guiris.

Pokhara  Is always open and always if you live in Donosti you always find a friendly face. If you dont know what to do is always a good choice and closes late, its open everyday even in Sunday, its good for coffee, for party for everything for some donostiarras is like their second home, the owners are extremely nice and welcoming. Where: Amara in the  Viejo

Bataplan or buscaplan or as we call some of us to this  mythical and  here our parents, grandparents and several generations have come to dance to this mythical disco ever and amen. centuries. It has a terrace where you take some drinks viewing the spectacular views of the sea and you can end up dancing until dawn in the  discotheque  below.Its a classical and it has been modernised within the years. 

Le Bukowski a very altenative place. If you are like me to discover awesome places and adventuorus a little bit strange,.

A classic that never dies Ba Bene to take the best burgers in town after a crazy night. The best in the world yeah you heard right I challenge anyone to prove me Im wrong. TRUST ME I try a lot of  burgers in many cities but never encounter any burger so good as the ones in Ba Bene…. the chips are also  good and their hot dogs. I´ts fun  to come with friends or families and they play  american music at the radio. It is also a good idea  to take away for a picnic in the beach. (Remember to throw away trash  when you finished at the nearest garbage can, we have to keep clean our beaches)



Ba Bene. theres two Ba Bene´s in San Sebastian, one at the Boulevard and this one of the pict at street Blas de Lezo, 4 This one is more local more homy, little but cozy, love their american deco . All the pics here taken from me.

La Madame:  Where San Bartolomé, 35. Ask for a cocktail , a very new york, modern and eclectic design place. Worth going, you can have drinks here and have a talk and dance to the music if you feel like it. Nice deco.

Dickens Bar: Where : Boulevard, 27 museum of gin tonics literally it has all the gin tonics , name one, they have it.

This bar is a classical I used to hang out here when I was a teenager. Mytical also in San Sebastian is where friends hang out to chat, have some laughs in front of a couple of bears.


OK after eating its time to discover more about San Sebastian.

San Sebastian is a city where you can find some interesting museums such as Naval Museum

Here you can find some interesting info and history about vasque conquistadores, . Humans beings who manage to modernise this world with huge discoveries, feats, its a pity we spaniards dont have the  same patriotism as americans, english have to their culture, history an many fims and documentary books

Its really interesting and worth it if you love history as I do.

Museum San Telmo

This particular museum is a must, the museum is inside a claustro dated from XVII so the museum itself  its amazing, the surroundings, the architecture, history art .


Coffetime or merienda( yeah more eating, hey this is Sanse ´´All FOOD IS GOOOD´´)

Bideluze: There are two in town. Perfect for bocadillos, coffee, pinchos, pastries and talking about arranging life. The place is like being in a train of first class cabinet all in wood in an english or french luxurious style.

Koh Tao: Where: Bengoetxea street(Center) Very near to Hotel Maria Cristina and Threatre Victoria Eugenia, you can have here a nice breakfast and merienda, its a cool place and has a je ne sais quois. always full and lively.

Kafe Botanika (Center)

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