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27 Apr Create your own fashion business like Girlboss

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Create your own fashion business like  Girlboss

The must read book for start up entrepreneurs businesses. Lets begin for the beginning. Sophia Amoruso teen years werent  perfect.  Sometimes in life we find someone who does not like to study, unable to concentrate on some things, with conflicting friends, rebel without future , and has work in different jobs but has not been able to keep in the same position for more than six months. It could be anyone you know,  like a friend, an acquaintance  you knew at school or at high school or even yourself.

Sophia Amoruso was one of those people, and now has become the multimillionaire founder and CEO of  fashion business Nasty Gal . But hey this is really difficult to do. The official numbers show us that each month more than half a million new businesses are launched, but about 80% (the majority) close their doors during the first 18 months of life. So yeah its better to be realistic.

take your businessto the next level!_opt

Create  your own fashion business like Girlboss

This book is the top ten of super sales in USA. Among its readers are a lot of young people who want to start a career in fashion and become their own fashion business Girlboss  and also who is simply looking biographies of business success and good advice to launch a business. Sophia  started  an e bay success  business fashion vintage clothing  account as she was working at the same time as a receptionist in an art school in San Francisco. During that job she had a lot of time, she was the one who had to read and check up the student cards, meanwhile in all those dead hours she start  baby step building  a small account fashion  business in E bay. She didnt know at that time that she would end up building her own empire fashion business and become a Girlboss retail fashion business with more than 300 employees.

I really admire and like about her that apparently she started from nothing. Working family without contacts, etc… it seemed an almost hopeless case besides she was one  of those rebels who worshiped hitchhike and  travel from one city to another, stealing. Until one day she was surprised by a policeman  in a mall in Washington, this event marked a turning point and lead her to consider life a little more seriously. And it was that bad habit of taking what belongs to others which gave her the idea, because she had checked with that stolen book her first operation in eBay . She discovered how easy it was to make money. Everything she did was to buy from vintage stores, bargain, buy it from good price and haggle prices and sell it in e bay  for a greater price . Soon she discovered her passion.

To promote itself, did photo sessions at home with her friends. It was all ´´A do it yourself.´´

Of course we are talking about UNITED STATES, its a little bit easier to be promoted or to  be an entrepreneur than Spain where all that really counts in this country is contacts and who do you know…….unfortunately. But anyhow with internet things has changed. You can create your  own fashion business like Girlboss . Currently,  you have a lot more opportunities also, but theres more competitors there. Everyone  wants to succeed and be the  next internet boom business but as Sophia Amoruso says yes but……(yes theres always a but)…..not anyone can do it and a few will really make it. Let´s face it, theres a lot of competitors, companies, etc….

You have to be realistic and have common sense as SP tells in her own book and yeah this Girlboss is right.

She was at the right track and at the right moment of her life, she’s one of this success  fashion business woman who made it before 30. She work really hard also.

She never though she was going to grow such a big emporium fashion  business. Before being NG she worked in different kind of jobs that she didnt like..or didnt feel passionate about it or motivated.

Her case is digno to study in any business school, or you can have the chance to read GIRL BOSS.


She began with a copy of “Starting an e bay business for Dummies”, to start her business in e Bay.

She work in her real passion fashion. She had a good eye in fashion so she start working in her strengths.

So if you want to build a brand start working in that hobby that you are really good at or try to  write  a list of the things you are good at and start working at it right now, move your badass.


It may seem that starting a business in fashion  look glamorous but actually it is not, you have to make a lot of bureaucracy or (bureaucrazy as I myself call it), managements, handling, really boring stuff but yes small details that actually makes the big wheel roll on. She was a one-woman for all, jejeje reminds me of someone……

Merchandising your products, visiting stores, factories, being a photographer, copywriting,  shipping the items, go to the post, choose the models, choose the places for the shooting, style them, write the product,  measurements,etc, etc. She was six persons inside her.


Remember which are your goals, put a paper on it or a list. Sophia believes in the use of sigils, abstract words or symbols that represent her goals.

She used as passwords the words or goals she wanted to make that month or that same year. Everyday, unconsciously,  she type her goals password  to enter in her laptop,etc.

So keep in mind your goals this one has to be also realistic.



Remember where you come from, don´t get stupid or bossy when you get big. Its not cool as Sophia says. Remember how hard you try, people hate this people who are always talking and bossing about how good they are at this and that, that´s crap.



Sophia used to enhance  every single detail, with words and photos, so people could focus on it.

Sophia start building her Nasty Gal community out of social media before anyone else, now its a big thing but before not too many did this. She was making  free marketing before noticing it.

From her book she tells us  the reasons her  auctions went really high. One of the reasons is  because she bought nice clothes and nice  stuff, and made it look really nice with her photos, enhancing details. She said also that  social media help her to share.  She share her values, beautiful images, quotes, thoughts. Imp: Try to be your own self, also she tells in her book that  a friend copy entirely all her website and all her stuff, and she got really upset and call her friend to tell her to get her own ideas. So have your own personality and be yourself don´t copy others work, you can get inspired and copy their methods but try to work your own stuff.


This means not having spelling mistakes. She was really good at her e bay small business explaining her products, explaining everything. SA tells us that is really important to write well. Writing its always useful for marketing, for writing a letter, etc it gives a good impression to the customer, behind a product there must have a good well written storytelling and creativity.

Join us and tell us what was your favourite entrepreneur business or book biography , who do you admire???

 If you want you can tell us what are your favourite entrepreneurs business and recommendations .

Thank you for visiting our blog, if you want to tell us you can leave us a comment. See you on the networks and in future posts. Regards and have a nice weekend :))))

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