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31 May Complete Guide of New York







Complete Guide of New York


My personal Complete Guide of New York. NY it´s a very exciting city. It´s always worth a visit.I always wanted to write a guide about New York. I like being here, the neon lights, the tall crystal buildings, the hamburger and milkshake, the cinemas, the views, the people, their craziness, their music, and most of all I looove that positive energy and their lack of complex but most of all seeing life through the eyes of a child in a romantic way as some americans do.  This is THE guide of  New York. Turn up the corner  and daydream that one day someone will notice and hire me as an actress for a Hollywood film jajajaja its my dream right  and my blog …., I am going to update this guide of New York with more info. Hey this is the city where you can see your  favourite actor just having a drink next to you and you can´t stop giggling like a 15 year old…… When you grow up sometimes you stop  dreaming cause life gets tougher , but this city makes you believe that anything can happen.  I am going to give you some tips of what to do in my personal complete guide of New York, if you are visiting w9788432214059_optith friends, family or your fiancé.:)

Book: “Places that I don´t want to share with anybody“. I recommend this book. A well known journalist and spaniard writer who move to NY or escape to NY. Here she shares her places and anecdotes, really easy and charming.






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Brooklyn bridge, the best way to discover NY is to walk . PHOTO TAKEN BY TOTSISA


The standard#boomboomroom

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  •           Where to eat in NY CITY

 In NY city you ca eat well, of course is more expensive, it depends where you go. If you want to eat healthy and nice abundant food go to the buffet of Whole Food stores . Affordable healthy  nice food.
“MON PETIT CAFE”    Dónde?  —-801, Lexington Avenue.(corner of 62 nd street) http://www.monpetitcafe.com/A typical french small bistro – rest with a lot of charm, the food is excellent and is not too expensive.Don´t miss the brunch. MY FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT IN NY. The owner is a french who receives you as usual she´s stylist, thin french woman(as ALL french woman are,no?)  who has been living in NY for ages… The place is charming and theres all kind of people, the art dealer, the old lady and his son of 40 something, the mother well dressed (american discreet bourgeois type), the lady who sits by herself enjoying the views, the family and their screaming children, the pair of gays who are delighted and are commenting how delicious the food is…the two noisy girlfriends who are laughing and have that characterised american laugh extremely high, you can hear  their JAJAJAJA from the bathroom downstairs. I will love to know why americans laugh soooo loud…..


 ” BURGUER JOINT” WHERE? 119 W 56th St. A nice and very popular burger inside Le Parker Meridien hotel, theres loooong queues but really worth it.One of the  best burgers in New York City,it behind the curtain in the lobby. People write their comments and funny quotes in their walls, its very casual and really funny place to be inside a hotel…bizarre. A burger in a hotel, but then again we are in NY, anything  is possible here, right?
999975_10151784202234139_3399 meriden98868_n_opt


 “PASTIS”  WHERE?  —-9 Ninth Avenue
(MEATPACKINGDISTRICT) http://www.pastisny.com/ Here is where Sarah Jessica Parker and her pals in Sex in the City meet for their cocktail or brunch. The place is very New York . You can meet actors, models, bloggers, it girls, etc….Great Fun to enjoy with friends any day of the week or weekends 
“P.J. CLARKE´S”   WHERE?  —- 915 THIRD AVENUE  http://www.pjclarkes.com/
Its a curious place, its in an old building between two modern crystal towers… The food and the ambiance is fine. The crisps fried chips are really good . Theres loooot of spaniards.
“BURGER HEAVEN”  WHERE?  —-804 Lexington Avenue http://www.burgerheaven.com/ 

A chain of excellent burgers . The milkshakes are really good. The oreo milkshake its just fabulous. Más comida junk food.

“BRGR ” WHERE?  Theres 3 in NY.  287 Seventh Avenue .1026 Third Avenue,2233 Broadway . I am a real fan of this  chain. For those who want to enjoy a great hamburger without gaining pounds….Surprisingly the hamburgers are really tasty…..Don´t miss it!!!!!. Adjectives to describe this place: Simple, tasty, healthy, fit. www.brgr.com

 “Alice´s Tea Cup”:  WHERE? Theres 3 locations in NY to drink your cup of tea.
  •  102 West 73rd Street, at Columbus Avenue.
  •  156 East 64th Street, one store front East of Lexington Avenue.
  • 220 East 81st Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.

A whimsical,  curious place to chat with friends. Here numerous films where recorded like the last film “Trainwreck” with Amy Schumer, you can see the protagonist having a cup of coffee after a hangover with her friend in this place. Place apt for adults and children. Perfect place for  families, children or your friends.

Guide of New York

The complete guide of NY# Alice´s tea cup



The complete guide of ny#Alicia´s tea cup






1390696_10151784183649139_1778002943_n (1)_opt (1)




                      tienda_online  SHOPPING AT NY CITY


Soho is where all the american brands for young people are like American Eagle Outfitters(love the brand), Forever 21 which I also love and small boutiques with original stuff….Its always crowdy but has a lot of life. Streets like Bleecker street has a lot of incredible bars, places to eat, etc…

“Anthropologie”.  Here you can find treasures. Nice, chic, beautiful stuff you have retail, accessories,books, cups for coffee, etc….Lifestyle shop. Worth a visit. I admire their decoration and visual display. It´s my favourite shop in NY.


Mix match of fashion and interior design at Anthropologie.NY Photo taken by Totsisa




Department stores in NY:

SAKS FIFTH AVENUE.  http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/Entry.jsp   611 5th Ave
New York, 10022, Estados Unidos
(212) 753-4000


BLOOMINGDALES. http://www1.bloomingdales.com/ 59th Street & Lexington Avenue
1000 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022, Estados Unidos
(212) 705-2000



Theres 3 in NY :

116 Wooster Street, New York

236 West 18th Street, New York

660 Madison Avenue, New York

If you long to go for  Outlets, NY is your city for the best sales. Here you can find your best SALES . Go to the  outlet Century 21 is a store with eight floors . Here you have day to day brands  and designer brands. You can spend hours looking for clothes, accessories, housewares, jewellery and cosmetics. It’s like Macy’s, but with much more to offer,  Century 21 has up to 65% off almost all the time.

Shop MAC APPLE .Where? Address: 767 Fifth Ave. New York City.    http://www.apple.com/retail/fifthavenue/ A great shop  and  lovely design for those who use a mac computer for work like me.



Where?  There´s 3 OU in NY

999 3rd Avenue.

374 Avenue of the Americas

628 Broadway.

A shop also worth visiting is  URBAN OUTFITTERS it has it all with an edgy style, fashion, accessories books and things for your apartment. The  sales here are really nice


  •  cocktail-neon_opt  WHERE TO HAVE A DECENT COCKTAIL IN NY.


“BALTHAZAR”http://www.balthazarny.com/ 80 Spring Street, New York

NYC landmark for food and drinks. Most of all a lot ambiance , the problem is a lot of noise an always crowdy  but fun. The food is really nice and service also.Recommended if you are going with friends not for dates, you don´t hear anything…

The Best Guide of NY



“Mr Purple”: Go to the Hotel Indigo, at the 5 th floor in  180 Orchard StA posh  spot with views of NY  flows and has  two terraces (it has a  a pool yehaaaaa). A cool place to get a swim, hang out with friends for a late  night cocktail and theres also yoga classes to join in the evenings, it has it all.

“The Loosie Rouge” At Williamsburg borough. this bar is really a place that I love it has an old century vintage look, it has a piano where people starts to sing and play, Karaoke nights BABY. is the typical place that I certainly  would adopt like my second home.
 This 2 places:  Citron,  PE and 1Oak, Below I haven´t been but my friends had recommended me. Next time I hope…..

“The Pink Elephant“: http://www.pinkelephantclub.com/527 West 27th Street


“Citron”: 473 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10024


“1Oak” :453 West 17 th St Its a One Of A Kind , the name comes from here. The club where  some american celebrities like famous actors, models and singers like to go.   If you are lucky enough to enter, GREAT. Here all the beautiful people hang out.




There are four places in NY that from my point of view are the best spots to watch the most amaaaazing and awesome views of Ny city. (This is is very valued info so please DO VALUE.)

  1.  “The River Cafe” in Brooklyng bridge. Here you can have your best cocktail sitting in the bar, viewing the great view.
  2. “The Brooklyng bridge big wheel” I love this big wheel is kind of old and elegant and really big. Out of a fairy tale. I am fan of old big wheels, and of all the big wheels I ve seen this one is the most beautiful of all  also it has great views of NY from here. I think is perfect for a romantic date don´t you think or for a film scene. Daydreaming of  two glasses and a bottle of champagne, the big wheel and the view of NY as background,  in this  George Clooney  would say in this dream (Nespresso advertisement): What Else?………
  3.  “The Boom Boom room” at the top  of the Standard hotel,”.Where? Dónde? 848 Wahington st. West Village212-645-4646. Best place for awesome views. Its like been in the 30´s. the waitresses (some of them look like models) are dressed in a fashion way,The place is classy, a lot of taste. Here its where some scenes were recorded like Shame when Sissy (Carey Mulligan) sings.

4.  Last but not least: The bar at the last floor at 80 Wythe Ave.” Wythe hotel” in Williamsburg”. Nice  staff awesome views.


BROOKLYN: I love Brooklyn Neighbourhood (cozy, homy, and at the same it feels like being part of a friendly close community) , take some nice food at Diviera Drive, walk from Brooklyn to Williamsburg the hipster and cool neighbourhood. IMPORTANT GET LOST, WALK  AND DISCOVER NEW PLACES….finish your walk by staring the amazing sunset from the brooklyn bridge as I did. Here below a photo I took from the Brooklyn bridge and see the amazing skyline of Manhattan, its always amazing, and worth looking.o









734392_10151hyde park 644139_1806198905_n_opt

The complete guide of NY#Centralpark#NY

One of my favourite plans in NY is to walk its streets, its the best way to discover it. You also exercise, get fit and best of all is free. Walking is free. Take a walk at CentralPark or rent a bicycle and exercise your body here in the NY green oasis to get some fresh air. Also you can see some actors acting in a classic  theatre outside Central park. You have to be pending of and reserve on internet. Famous Hollywood actors used to act here like Al Pacino, etc

MEATPACKING DISTRICT: I highly recommend to take a nice lovely  walk  at the High line near the Hudson, its a walk along all the meatpacking district. it used to be an old railway and is has been redesigned (  A designer like me loves it) with a lot of green area, theres some parts where you can see some of the tracks. its really long but the good thing is that you can stop and take photos like my case or take a coffee or take some snack  in their bars with terraces. Its relaxing you can see the design buildings, gardens and the water, nice views.


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