14 Jun ´´Cocretas´´ day.

San Sebastian food and cinema 

All the photos of the  actors, etc in this article  are taken by me.



Theres only a city in the whole world like San Sebastian where theres a special mention and day to the croquetas or ´´cocretas´´ as the foreigners say……


At the old town part of this city all the bars, gastropubs and restaurants join in and cook all sort of croquettes in all the tastes you can ever imagine. Croquettes of cheese, ham, hake, boletus,etc


This special day you can eat all the croquettes you want. It´s all manage and run up by the bar – restaurant  Cepa and the other bars, restaurants who want to promote their croquettes.



I think it´s a great day to promote the bars, restaurants of a spanish city as Spain counts with a great variety of gastronomy in all the cities of this great country.


Gastronomy: San Sebastian Croquettes

Theres all sort of tastes for the the croquettes like cheese, ham, boletus, cockles. If you love handmade croquettes like me, this is  a dream come true.Unfit for those who are on a diet, o they don´t enjoy the pleasures of food, or just some sort of embittered people who are all the time counting the calories, it´s just one day right? who cares…


On my humble opinion the best croquetas, and who clearly deserved the  fist price were the croquetas oyster of the catering Bokado, they literally disappeared from the tray and from the mouth of the people in five seconds…Excellent, tasty, crunchy…simply out of this world.


If you go to San Sebastian you ought to enjoy the food, the wonderful beaches, surf, mountains, their people and their cinema festival.Talking about cinema I saw in this last edition Antonio Banderas, the latin lover with beard or without it he´s still ´´THE Latin Lover ´´and still looks amazingly hot with  50 years old.


The 62 th Edition Cinema festival in San Sebastian

This amazing festival has shine like old good times with glamour and fashion.


Theres good films like the french or argentinian films that play with creativity, intelligence, humour and savoir faire without spending a lot of money like american productions.Theres a way to make good film with a good story, good actors, intelligence and humour.



Hotel María Cristina. Beautiful, historic. All the famous actors stay here. Lucky them


John Malkovich. Great actor with the  protagonist of the danish  film.






Here I am with my friends dog at Kursaal.


The festival of  cinema San Sebastian has the best views, the best food, very well organised, even has better views and food than Cannes….But what we don´t have is marketing, marketing, marketing and mass media. The international actors and famous directors want to go to Cannes because they know that  the next day they are going to appear in all the magazine and newspapers covers (this is a fact).


With four elements you can make and produce  good and entertained films.Films without the never ending theme: The spanish civil war….or spanish films where you can see never ending sufferings, sadness...

In the past the  numbers of the spanish cinema were really  terrorific. If we sum up all the income of all the citizens at the box offices we don´t reach, even remotely, all the millions of euros that the government has subsidised in their pockets. At that time it was a very boring cinema where a theme like the spanish Civil War predominated. A lot about the Civil War has been said. Maybe too much. For once, it is time to turn the page. Currently, we are starting to see good films and amazing, brilliant spanish actors. It is important to reduce the 21 per cent of VAT in all the culture issues in Spain. Yes to pay taxes but in a lower percent.


Spanish cinema


The spanish cinema used to be bad because it simply produced bad films, the scripts were useless and outdated. A few actors and directors which I mention here are  really the exception: Alejandro Amenabar, Isabel Coixet, Berlanga, etc. Actors: Javier Bardem, Javer Camara, Carmen Maura, etc.. to name a few that comes  right now to my mind. Some spanish are defficient and some actors overact…are not natural and sometimes cheesy….The public has demonstrated their rejection by not going to the cinema. Recently some good films such as Ocho apellidos vascos ( Eight vasque surnames)  has turned into the good direction. This film has reach great results. This film reminds me of a very good french film called ´´Bienvenue chez les Ch´tis´´Theres also very good spanish serials such as Velvet, El tiempo entre Costuras, who are exported in other  countries.



John Malkovich a gentleman, always a  gentleman.


Jessica Chastain. Great actress. Got a lot of patient . She stop with each fan and sign autographs  for all of them in front of the hotel.Great gesture. She doesnt act like a  Diva.

Now it comes to my head an image of a great film “Dance Dance, don´t stop dancing “of the celebrated and known well Director Sydney Pollack that talks about the human condition in a period of difficulty and personal instability. The film was developed in the hard times of the Depression in the USA. Where some desperate protagonist dance in a marathon that never ends. Here some of us we dance to the music in order to receive our prize.

Greetings and most important be happy .



  • Eva
    Posted at 22:07h, 28 June Reply

    Me gustaría conocer el festival de cine de San Sebastián, un motivo más para conocer esta estupenda ciudad.

  • Diana
    Posted at 23:08h, 28 June Reply

    Hola Eva, cualquier excusa es buena para visitar San Sebastian. El festival de cine es a principio de Sept. Vale la pena ir, ves las proyecciones antes de que se proyecten en los demás cines, no hace falta irse a Hollywood para ver los actores en persona jejeje y ya de paso te tomas unos pinchos a la orilla del mar que más se puede pedir…….

  • Maria
    Posted at 21:49h, 10 July Reply

    I already know the city but I would like to come when the festival takes place not easy though getting tickets. I have been to the Berlinale in 2012 and I could see some films because someone passed me tickets, otherwise I would not have been able to enter, I have seen Salma Hayek in person, she is small but pretty, I also saw Javier Bardem.

  • inesmac
    Posted at 20:09h, 13 July Reply

    Maria I was able to see two premiere films, yeah you have to pay, if you get it in advance you have a special discount and it depends where you want to sit you have to pay more or less this is like the theatre,etc…also I was waiting long hours just to take photographs to some of my favorite actors, its worth it if you love cinema like me. Hugh Jackman was in teh festival like 2 years ago they say he was ultranice and humble, I didn´t have the chance to meet him. I love this actor . Di you know he woke up early in san sebastian hired a bicycle and went riding through san sebastian he even went to the market to buy some fresh fish….incredible but true…they say he was smiling and talking to everyone….

  • juan manuel Montabes
    Posted at 21:54h, 13 July Reply

    Poco a poco recuperaremos el glamour q tuvo en su dia nuestro querido Festival de Cine q entre otros , entusiastamente , fundaron un grupo de empresarios , entre ellos , mi querido abuelo .
    El año pasado , la 62 , fue una gran edicion. Despunto el Glamour en la ‘Red carpet ‘ . Las fiestas y eventos fueron fantàsticos , vimod a estrellas quizás fallo el nivel de las Peliculas que se presentaron a la Seccion Oficial. Pero la ciudad estuvo Rariante , animada , activa , participativa y esto va a más pq ya no estamos gobernados por Bildu.
    Hay ganas de Glamour en las formas , el vestir , la elegancia de siempre y coincido con Diana. La blogguer . Mi gran amiga madrileña que adora my city : el Máerketing.
    Animaros . Es un planazo.

  • inesmac
    Posted at 02:53h, 02 August Reply

    Glamour vuelva ya que te echamos de menos…si totalmente de acuerdo Juanma, mi gran amigo vascorro oiga pues.

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