02 May Budapest in 78 hours.

Budapest is a beautiful city. People usually travel to Viena and then  get a train to Budapest. The first time I did that, I went to Viena with a friend and later we got a train to Budapest and got amazed.

This  time, my second time we went only and exclusively to Budapest 10 years later.The city has change a looot and probably me also jejejej I hope for good.

I can see this city has modernised in some areas theres more bars, more restaurants etc…

The city is perfect for an escape of 3 days bank holidays or  for a long weekend getaway . I got some bank holidays and I got a plane from tuesday night at 20:00 and got there at midnight….and return  saturday morning, so have wednesday, thursday and friday to explore this fascinating and decant charming city  and without losing any track of the best tourist attractions in the capital. Among the most outstanding monuments I first went to the Budapest Parliament as it was very near from where I stay  later I went to The Jewish Synagoge near to the Parliament, after I went to the Budapest Opera is located in one of the most  important avenues in Budapest the  Andrássy avenue a beautiful avenue with full of shops, restaurants, monuments its worth a visit and an attractive mandatory visit for tourists and locals

On the other hand when you head to the  the Chain Bridge its amaming the views from there, you head to the Petas city where you can find the  Heroes’ Square,  the Buda Castle and the Fishermen´s Bastion. : Váci Utca 

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