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DMC founded this Blog – Website along with my brand of accessories. This is a unique and original space where I share my great passions: My photos and brand colletions  plus very useful info and tips about art, design, food, entrepeneurship, travel, fashion.  All the photos you see here are taken by me. My main goal is to position this independent blog. Here I will share with you reviews of books, movies, exhibitions, everything that interests me.
During these years of experience, I have had collaborations with agencies such as
Allaboutagency.es and I would love the opportunity to collaborate with agencies and retail brands to develop together content creation, as well as a photographs.I love creating logos, invitations, posters, websites, videos for retail companies. I love the whole process of creating from beginning to end. Management WordPress, Foursquare, Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design. I’m doing a master in Digital Marketing which I actually  love. With this blog I want to show an elegant, original space and especially impregnate my personal stamp of quality and entertaining the readers with useful and inspiring info. The posts will be written in English & Spanish.
Creativity is the intelligence having fun, Albert Einstein.

This blog is a cocktail of various ingredients with high doses of inspiration, illusion, dreams, colour, and hours of hard work.

Here you can see my work and if you are interested in collaborating with us write at dmcpz@yahoo.com. In the portfolio section you will see our portfolio of work and brands in which we have been collaborating.

Here you can see our pictures, infographs, funny and creative headers for the posts,  and high quality photos and videos, mood boards, photos, murals, invitations. Definitive: What inspires me and above all I want to give a touch of freshness and happiness to your daily day.


My aim with this blog is that you travel with us, give useful tips, give you some inspiration,  and in behalf we want your FEEDBACK, YOU ”READER”  are really important to us. This is a blog and web page feedback. We move away from the established path and we get by into some hidden streets which lead to a magical place that can be a charming cafe, a garden or an oasis in the middle of the city or that bar where  suddenly they are tuning your favourite song that lifts you up. A less touristic path but not less interesting. We want to capture for you the beauty that surrounds us and grasp it, because life can sometimes be ugly and raw and with this blog we want to make you smile, lift your spirits up in the sky, and we are just happy with that.

All photos are taken wity my Canon or my smartphone unless otherwise stated.

2016 © Totsisanews


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