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The Top 15 things to do in Mallorca

Mallorca is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea. Mallorca is much more than the idea some foreigners have from it like their wild parties, private yachts, bars of drunk people…This island, as the mallorquines call  ´´la Roqueta´´,  is much more than that. I want to show you the Mallorca that I love. The one I know since I was a child as I used to go every summer  for holidays with my grandfather.

Mallorca is an island with a lot of contrasts. Here you can find sea, mountains,  its a magical island with stunning landscapes and views. My personal view of a  Mallorca with  beautiful beaches, calas,  castles, towns, surroundings areas with charm and nice people and also I want to show you some  of its culture, food, handcrafts cloths, shops, gastro places all of this things  makes this island a magical and unique island.

1) First thing to: Eat the typical  ensaimada

What to eat in Mallorca: What are the specialities in MALLORCA that you can not miss!!!!!

Ensaimadas: The ensaimadas is a pastry that I looooooove. Is a food dough or pastry sweetened, fermented and baked. It is made with bread flour, water, sugar, eggs, sourdough and lard (called saïm in Catalan). It is a confectionery product of great tradition in Mallorca, it is dated since XVII. I used to have ensaimada every sunday for breakfast with my grandfather, one day per week, I was happy knowing that on Sunday I was going to eat this lovely and yummy dough for breakfast…the one we have was artisan 100 per 100 homemade made in a village nearby, maybe as I only have it once per week it make me love it  and make me  feel it was something very special. Like a delicatessen. Today  I still see it this way.

Coca mallorquina: The coca mallorquina is a pastry also made with dough. Most traditional recipes of  coca  includes yeast  or lard, its  tasty, crispy. It can be found in all bakeries of the island, and is prepare all year in different kinds or  varieties with tomatoes, onions, red peppers, spinach or chards.

Sobrasada: Is a raw cured sausage, made from selected pork meat, seasoned with salt, paprika and black pepper. It presents a  slow maturation. You spread it  in homemade bread and I love it with some honey. People when they have a gathering or a party like to give some sobrasada spread in bread and coca mallorquina. Delicious as appetizer or as dinner.Simple but it works out.

  Browse  cool cafes, shops, art galleries in the centre of Palma de Mallorca.

In Palma de Mallorca I love walking and discovering  the area of Santa Catalina, it is the old town part of Palma. Its charming and bohemian at the same time.It´s where all the good things happens…

2) Thing to do in Mallorca: Get lost at Santa Catalina Neighbourhood.

Theres a street called  Carrer Sant Feliu where you can find a nice concept shop Rialtoliving.  It has all sort of things they have clothes, accessories, decorations items, fragances, candles, flowers, stylish room settings, indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting, rugs, fabrics, decorative items. Its a concept store of two floors, downstairs you have a lovely terrace which offers you nice coffees and homemade juices, smoothies and food.

Where: Carrer Sant Feliu, 3

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Rialtoliving. Decoration.The top 15 things to do in Mallorca.


Lifestyle. Rialtoliving.







Street Sant Feliu its a small street where you can find  nice shops, art exhibitions, gastro bars, deco shops. At the same street you can find  in a hidden alley  a  shop called Viveca. What used to be an old garage now  has been wisely transformed into a deco shop with nice things in a reasonable price. Where: Carrer Sant Feliu, 17



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3 thing to do in Mallorca go to amazing Beaches. Here my favorites

This is an island which has the  combination of  beach and mountain. It has secret calas, I prefer the calas than the beaches with overcrowded tourists , the calas (coves) sometimes  are harder to get into the sea but worth it, calas are little beaches with clear water.





If you are a Mallorca lover like me  or you are a mallorquin/a  please do give and share some of your top recommendations here in the comments below, it will really be appreciate. Share this post with friends, in social networks or print it . See you in the social networks or here.

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