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    8 ideas to create a nice cool office

    8 ideas to create a nice cool office I wanted to write a post about how important is to have a nice office where you usually work, feel at ease and really comfortable, motivated and with positive energy. The human being spends a lot of......

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    The Top 15 things to do in Mallorca Mallorca is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean sea. Mallorca is much more than the idea some foreigners have from it like their wild parties, private yachts, bars of drunk people…This island, as the mallorquines call  ´´la......

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    Create your own fashion business like Girlboss

    Create your own fashion business like  Girlboss The must read book for start up entrepreneurs businesses. Lets begin for the beginning. Sophia Amoruso teen years werent  perfect.  Sometimes in life we find someone who does not like to study, unable to concentrate on some things, with......

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    Cristobal Balenciaga, the spanish designer, not french.

    Cristobal Balenciaga, spanish designer “Balenciaga, The master of us all”: quote of  Chanel. Cristobal Balenciaga for me is the best fashion designer in the world. Cristobal Balenciaga was born in Guetaria a small town in Basque Country (Spain). We celebrate 100 years since he open his first......

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    Star Wars Michelin

     San Sebastian is the city with more Michelin stars in Europe. It was a city where the european monarchies and  illustrious persons used to go for summer. Here Queen Maria Cristina, Victoria Eugenia, Alfonso XIII. ..and important characters like the spy Mata Hari  and celebrities such......

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    12 questions you have to ask yourself before creating a Blog

               Do you like to write? If you enjoy writing then you will enjoy writing and creating a blog but if you don´t not like writing or do you see it as an arduous job then a blog is not for you.......


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